Will there be a book store at ROR?
YES! We will have a bookseller on-site, and some of the authors may have pre-orders/sell books at their tables. All of the information will be announced/released in future months.
What can I bring into the event?
Even though we will have a bookseller on-site selling titles by our attending authors, you will still be allowed to bring in books from home for the signing itself.
For author J.R. Ward (as well as the other signing authors) we will have a 5-book limit per line visit. NOTE: We are guaranteeing that each attendee will have the opportunity to go through J.R. Ward's line at least once. There is a possibility that you can go through her line more than once, but we cannot guarantee that we can get everyone through the line multiple times. Please plan accordingly. *There may be additional “ticketed” authors (which would be free, and for line-control purposes), and we will make that announcement in future months if needed.
Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
There are no age restrictions for entry; however, we want to make it clear that there will be strong/suggestive language that may be used during panels/events. There will also be alcohol served at some of the social events, so please be sure to bring a government-issued I.D. for verification if you plan to drink during the event.
What is included with each ticket? 
Each ticket holder will receive a goody bag containing one signed J.R. Ward title, and one 1001 Dark Nights title, as well as a laminated badge (that grants them entry to ALL ROR18 events) at registration.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else? 
Yes you can--you will need to log into your Eventbrite account and change the ticket holder information for the ticket you wish to transfer. **NOTE: You may not transfer tickets after September 21, 2018.
I have multiple tickets under my name, can I put the name/info of the person they're intended for on those tickets?
Yes! If you purchased them under the same account/transaction, you'll need to log into your Eventbrite account and type in all their information under the tickets in your account.
 How do I request a refund?
You are eligible for a FULL REFUND until JUNE 1, 2018. To initiate a refund, log into your Eventbrite account (via the browser/desktop version, not the app), select the ticket/transaction you wish to refund, and click the 'refund' button. If you need a partial refund (in case you bought multiple tickets), you will be able to indicate that when you send through your refund request. (PLEASE CLEARLY SPECIFY THIS.)

NOTE: We want to give priority to people on the waitlist, so if you have tickets you'll no longer need, we ask that you follow the refund steps so that we can make those tickets available to those who are waiting on the list. 

*REMINDER: If you have any questions about ROR, please email the ROR event team at readersontheriver@gmail.comPlease do not send DM's on Facebook, as we may not see those messages.